From the studio to the screen

What you hear is telling you so much more of the story. The soundtrack has always played an important part in the dialogue of a film. The effect that sound and music can have, in many ways can be more powerful than what you are seeing on the screen, without you being conscious of the effect.

Composers, musicians and sound designers work very hard to make sure you are not distracted from what you are seeing but that you connect emotionally in part by the contributions they are making to this art.

Now for the first time you can experience the same studio sound as they do when making this material. Using our collective knowledge of designing speakers and custom systems for more than 30 years in studios, we have developed a complete range dedicated to this purpose.


This complete range has been specifically designed and tuned to address the needs of the most demanding residential cinema systems. Clients looking for a bespoke configuration with the original reference in mind, along with credentials of more than thirty years history in professional recording for both music and film production. The industrial design in line with our heritage in studio based systems means these products can only be found and installed by a dedicated AV integration team.

More than seven years of R&D has been invested in producing the Z series. Quested did not simply adapt existing products but embarked on a campaign of research to fully understand all the demands and projection of sound required for this field. In doing so, a complete range of products has been developed especially for the job of producing the most powerful and accurate cinema experience whilst maintaining that studio reference.

Continuing with the same approach and ethos that has built our reputation in recording facilities around the world, the Z Series has been built to a true reference standard. Like our studio monitors the Z Series are hand built at our facility in the United Kingdom by our dedicated team.     

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