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Hands on

Every component used in a Quested monitor is hand-picked. Working in partnership with a number of specialists and our own in-house team, we carry out research and development projects for all aspects of our products. These disciplines range from fundamental acoustics, mechanical engineering, electronics, and digital signal processing. We are constantly assessing new technologies and materials in all these areas.

When it comes to building our products, we have a small core team in manufacturing who hand build every speaker that carries the Quested name. Our team are the heart of the company and the dedication they have to what they do ensure that the products they build will last a lifetime.

Why quested?

A review of our heritage and lifestyle should help with this question. We are not a company driven by spreadsheets and pure numbers. We are driven by passion and dedication to detail, customer service and craftsmanship.

Do contact us should you have any questions on how you find our products. We have distribution in over 30 countries around the world.

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