From the studio to the screen

Quested Monitoring Systems has two distinct product lines, studio monitors and cinema loudspeakers. After embarking on an extensive R&D programme, a tailored range has been created. At the core of our company are our studio based products. A studio monitor’s focus is to deliver the most accurate response possible with little to no coloration of the original source. These speakers are designed to work within a studio environment (isolated and acoustically treated rooms). These studios environments mean that the monitors are optimized for use at between 1.5m and 4m distance at the listening position. The home cinema environment along with the typical listening position tends to be very different to that of a studio. This was the primary reason for starting our R&D process; to produce a tailored and dedicated range. Key objectives were to maintain our sonic signature but over a greater distance along with allowing for higher peak SPL (Sound Pressure Levels). A complete range of speakers has been developed to give partnered installation companies the tools needed to produce a consistent result in any given room size whilst maintaining Quested’s core reference.

The various cinema loudspeakers and their dispersion characteristics, frequency response and SPL capabilities, allow for the optimisation of any room size and the listening area. The most important requirement is that the correct speaker is used and from the appropriate range. A studio monitor is for a recording studio and a cinema loudspeaker is for cinema reproduction.

Dedicated kits are available based on various room sizes with additional options depending on room format. Custom systems are also available on request. Please contact us should you have any questions or special requirements.