A lifetime of trust. Still young at heart

The DNA of Quested V-Series speakers can be found in studios around the world dating back over 30 years.

Chosen by both professionals and passionate producers of music, the V-Series sets a benchmark and encompasses the true standards of a studio monitor.

Our no compromise approach to the development and evolution of the V-Series means that the 2108, our longest running product, has built and maintained a lifetime of trust with some of the most respected artists and studios around the globe, yet it is still very much young at heart due to the evolved transducer and amplification designs. The V2108 continues to be one of our most popular monitors due to its size and frequency response along with it’s sonic accuracy.

The V3110 is Quested’s most powerful self powered monitor and confidently delivers a true full range response. Designed to replace the VS3208 the V3110 brings a new level of LF control whilst maintaining the accurate delivery of the mid and HF. With 1000W of on-board amplification this three way design is built for the most demanding near and midfield monitoring needs.

The newest and most compact monitor in V-Series is the V2104, which will join the V-Series family during 2019. Compact, powerful and portable, the V2104 with its partnering sub is perfect if you have limited space or are always on the move and not prepared to compromise on your monitoring needs.

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