Introducing the H108

The H108 is the smallest of the Quested passive monitors. Primarily designed to be used in a nearfield or a meter-bridge position. It utilises a single 8” custom LF driver and silk soft dome HF with front firing ports. The hand built crossover network offers a very efficient and transparent passive network. Delivering an exceptional and accurate sound stage along with the ability to produce a high SPL when required, the H108 has become a favourite with mastering and the broadcast community.

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Dimensions:               240(w) x 404(h) x 244(d) mm

Weight:                        12 kgs

Drivers:                        Bass cone – 1 x 200 mm (8 ”)

High Frequency soft dome – 1 x 28 mm (1 ⅛”)

Maximum SPL:             107.5 dB © continuous pink noise @ 1 m

Frequency Response:  50 Hz-20 kHz ± 2 dB

Connector:                   Single pair binding posts

Impedance:                 8 ohms

Sensitivity:                   90.5 dB @ 1 m


Power Requirements:  Amplifier rated at 8 ohms delivering between 60 and 200W RMS per channel



All Quested Products come with a five year warranty.