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so passive

Whilst the benefit and convenience of an active monitor is understood we still very much invest in the capabilities of passive monitoring. Our approach of ensuring the fundamental acoustic design is accurate within each product means no product is reliant on corrective EQ to achieve its given response, this is fundamental to our R&D. We embrace the power of DSP, but not at the expense of the core acoustic design of our monitors.

For a number of customers choosing passive monitors is a great option. Should you have a high-quality amplifier, that has not reached the end of its life cycle, why would you want to make that piece of equipment redundant before its time?

Atmos, space for growth

As the demand for immersive audio has been increasing, we have taken a pragmatic approach to this area within our passive range. Two kits have been configured based on a maximum listening distance of 2.5M (8ft) and 4.5M (14.5ft) from the L/C/R monitors.

Passive monitors can offer a more cost-effective option when looking at an increased number of monitor channels. Studio installation is made easier as no mains power is required at the various locations around the control room. With an increased number of monitors you will always run the risk of additional maintenance issues. With a passive monitoring system should any issues occur, they can be easily identified and quickly resolved without the need to remove the monitors from the studio to access and service the electronics.

Experience the Passive Series

The CX8
The VH3208