Main Monitors

This is where it all started for us as a company, and it is possibly what we are best known for. Over the last four decades Quested has provided large soffit systems for customers that have included Whitney Houston, Hans Zimmer, Sting, Trevor Horn, Michael Cretu, Gloria Estefan, Bruce Botnik and the list goes on. It’s not just artist and producers that have chosen Quested main monitors! Some of the world’s most famous recording studios such as Abbey Road, Sarm West, Hit Factory Mastering, RAK, PARR Street and Hansa Berlin have all trusted Quested main monitors.

Accuracy and musicality in large format main monitors was not something engineers could rely on when Quested brought the Q212 to the market. At this time the traditional format of main monitors were largely based around horn loaded compression drivers partnered to dual 15” bass drivers. These systems were exciting to listen to but could not be relied upon for mix translation.

Quested pioneered the development and use of soft dome components into three-way and four-way systems that could deliver not only very high dynamic peaks and maximum SPLs, but also maintain the critical accuracy and linearity demanded by the engineers.

Over the past forty years our large format monitor systems have evolved into four main products Q212, Q412 and the flagship HM412 and HM415. We also offer freestanding variants of these system for those wanting large format monitors but don’t require the monitors to be built into the walls. These turnkey systems are all built to order and all soffit-based systems included onsite calibration.

We are one of the few companies that still offer custom systems that can be tailored to the specific needs of the studio and the control room. Often working closely with the project acoustician, we can adapt or design a system that will blend harmoniously to the control room environment and work as one with the room and the end vision of the client, resulting in a truly bespoke system.

If you wish to receive specification information or general advice on our Q212, Q212FS, Q412, Q412FS or the flagship HM412 or HM415 systems please contact us to discuss your needs. Custom systems also available.

Atmos Main Systems

To achieve the ultimate Atmos experience in larger control rooms that are not only capable of delivering the SPL targets but also the response curves specified by Dolby a number of options are available. Should you have a project in mind please do contact us to review the various main system options and formats available along with optional custom centre channel configurations.

Custom HM415 main monitors