Choosing your monitors

How to find the right monitor

Quested has a broad range of products to suit all monitoring requirements. Outside of our custom systems we have four core product lines. The S Series is the entry to our nearfield monitors and multi-channel systems. The V Series includes one of our longest running and most respected products; the V2108 along with our most powerful self powered three way monitor the V3110. The H Series introduces our passive range of monitors whilst the Q and the HM series sets the benchmark in large format main monitors suited both to soffit and freestanding application. Power amplifiers and accessories are also available depending on system requirements.

The S Series
The Q & HM Series


To help with finding key information all our products come with a quick reference icon guide. Full detailed specifications can also be found in the individual product pages. Our monitors have been designed to offer very consistent results between models and ranges with the LF extension and SPL capabilities increasing as you move through the ranges. The quick reference icons should be used as a guide based on your application of use to help you find the right monitors but ultimately your ears should be the final judge. Finding the monitors that work for you is a very personal decision and only by auditioning them will you truly know what is right for you and the way you work.

Setting up

All our monitors use soft dome drivers in the high frequency range and on our three ways systems in the mid-range. These drivers offer not only a very smooth delivery of sound but also have wide dispersion characteristics. To achieve the optimum results in the sound stage, they should be positioned with the acoustic center of the monitors crossing about 1m behind your listening position in the horizontal plane. The height of the monitor should again be determined by the listening position, with the acoustics center at the same height as your ears. The acoustics center of the monitor can be found just between the middle of the HF and the LF on the two way monitors or the centre of the Mid driver on the three and four way systems.