Experience active monitoring

A lifetime of trust.

Our active range of products are our most popular monitors. Within the V-Series you can find a monitor to suit just about any studio environment:

The V2104 offers an extremely compact monitor that when partnered to the SB10R subwoofer can deliver a truly full range yet flexible monitoring system.

Evolving over three generations, the V2108 has maintained a consistency throughout its thirty years in production. Subtle improvements have been made in the performance of the transducer and the core amplification to improve the efficiency of the class AB design. The V2108 is trusted by some of the most respected artists and studios in the music industry.

The VQ3110 has recently joined the family of products. Its massive performance capabilities make the VQ3110 our most powerful active monitor and is capable of achieving the same sonic signature found in our large format soffit systems. With a frequency response down to 30Hz and a maximum SPL of 124dB, the VQ3110 has been designed for the most demanding situations.

The VQ3110