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The Quest.

Founded by Roger Quested in 1985 to build true reference studio monitors but with a history that dates back to the recording studios of the 1960’s. As an assistant engineer at Olympic studios Quested learnt his craft recording bands like the Rolling Stones on sessions capturing live playback to film of Jumping Jack Flash.

Led Zeppelin 1 was Quested’s first full album project working as an assistant to Glyn Johns. An album that has gone in to this history books for its amazing drum sound. Roger confirms it was made using four microphones and not three.

Pink Floyd’s Obscured by clouds, Cat Stevens, The Kinks, Rick Springfield, Camel, John Denver, Olivia Newton-John, Johnny Hallyday, Sacha Distel the list goes on for credits that Quested worked on during this time.

Abbey Road, Trident, Townhouse, Sarm West

Frustrated by the monitors of the time Roger, who always had a passion for building speakers, decided to build a pair for the studio he was working in at the time DJM.

This was the birth of Quested Studio Monitors.

A freelance engineer visiting the studio was so impressed with the monitors, he asked Roger if he would build a pair for a friend of his who was building a studio. Roger then started to receive requests from  the likes of Abbey Road, Trident, Townhouse and Trevor Horn’s Sarm West facility.

Life Long Associations

Quested has built a reputation not with the use of advertising or claims of re-inventing the wheel but by recommendation from some of the world’s most respected artists, producers, engineers, broadcasting and recording studios who continue to trust Quested Monitors.

Abbey Road and Sarm continue to use Quested Monitors with new systems installed in studio three (Abbey Road) during 2011.

Trevor Horn and the team at Sarm added some Q112’s to the existing Q212 system in 2016.

What’s the score

Another lifelong association was formed in the early days of Quested that is still very strong to this day; Hans Zimmer. Back in 1986 Roger built a system to go in a studio that Hans Zimmer and a business partner were building called Lillie Yard.

Hans Zimmer continues working with Quested monitors at his facility, Remote Control located in California.

This facility along with being a creative space for Hans Zimmer is also a spring board for emerging talent in terms of film scoring with Hans, building an environment to encourage new talent and techniques in this creative field.

Along with his large format system, Hans also relies on Quested V2108s when working at his studio or on location around the world.

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