Damian Kulash - OK Go

I can work on them for hours on end without fatigue.  And crucially, they are just honest.  They don’t add false richness or trick you into thinking that crappy things sound good.   When you get a mix right on them, it sounds right everywhere.

Harry Gregson-Williams

I have used Quested monitors for over 20 years and would trust no other brand to
provide me with a truthful and accurate representation of my music.  While others
around me have wavered in their choice of monitors over the years, I have never
doubted Quested’s residency in my studio.

Mike Oldfield

"With my trusted Questeds behind me nothing can go wrong “

Carl Craig

“I’ve used VS3208’s with a Quested sub for more than 10years. Its a very powerful setup which I have used on most of my biggest remixes. I also own a pair of VS2108’s. I trust Quested monitors completely.”