Introducing the SB10R

The perfect partner for your S-series monitors

The SB10R is the reference subwoofer that partners with the S-Series. Delivering a powerful yet clean bass response all the way down the 25Hz, the SB10R completes the S-Series. A 10” driver is perfectly matched to the cabinet volume and paired with its own dedicated remote power amplifier. The SBC250 amplified controller (250W) has all the features to allow perfect integration of the sub with any system. It has a variable crossover from 40Hz to 135Hz, gain control from -14db to +6db, up to 160 degrees of phase control, along with a polarity ± switch, output level metering and a bypass function, all in a 1U rack unit. Remote power allows for very easy setup, with all the controls you need at your fingertips.


Dimensions: Cabinet 600(w) x 332 (h) x 300(d) mm SBC250 Controller – 1U case 270mm deep

Weight: Cabinet – 19.8 kg / 43.4 lb
SBC250 Controller – 5.5 kg / 12 lb

Drivers: Bass cone 1 x 250mm (10”)

Frequency Response: User Adjustable. 29Hz-200Hz ± 2dB / 25Hz -6dB

Maximum SPL: 116dB Half space

Connector: 2 off XLR and ¼ inch jack combo socket

Impedance: 10k W electronically balanced with RF filters


  • Pin 1 ground Sleeve
  • Pin 2 hot Tip
  • Pin 3 cold Ring


Left and Right Monitor 2 off XLR type male left & right outputs
Impedance 100 ohm electronically balanced
Wiring Pin 1 ground, Pin 2 hot, Pin 3 cold
Sub Bass Output: 1 pair binding posts

FILTERS: Left & Right Input Summed to Sub Output

Subsonic/High Pass: -3dB @ 14Hz, 24dB/oct or -3dB @ 28Hz, 24dB/oct (set by internal jumper)

Low Pass: -3dB @ 40Hz to 135Hz, externally adjustable @ 24db/oct or full range on CH A

Left & Right Input to Left & Right Output

Ultrasonic: -1dB @ 100k

High Pass: -3dB @ 40Hz to 135Hz, externally adjustable @ 24db/oct or full range on CH A



210W rms continuous
0.03% at levels up to 1dB below clip, 20Hz – 120Hz typ
0.005% @ 20W rms 100Hz

Hum & Noise:             -100 dB referred to clip

POWER REQUIREMENTS: Set by internal plug: normal 115V or 230V setting: Min 160V (restricted output power): Max 255V 115V setting: Min 80V (restricted output power): Max 127V


Quiescent: <30Wv

Typical use: 50W

Max: <200W

Note: 0 dBu = 775 mV into open circuit

This product is built to conform to the requirements for CE marking.


Crossover Frequency 40 – 135Hz, front panel pot
Test (Band limited pink noise), front panel recessed switch (LED indicates when on)
Sub bass bypass, front panel switch (LED indicates when bypassed)
Sub Gain –14 to +6, front panel pot (Sub level indicated with LED Meter)
Sub Phase, front panel pot
Sub Polarity, front panel recessed switch (LED indication for positive and negative polarity)
Power, front panel switch
Left channel sub filter bypass, rear mounted recessed Switch
Subsonic filter 14 or 28Hz, Internal jumpers

All Quested Products come with a five year warranty

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