Anthony Maccioni

After years of searching for the right studio monitors, I finally had the opportunity to listen to the Quested V3110. I knew from the first moment I heard the V3110 that this was the monitor I had been searching for. The experience of mixing on a truly full range monitor is like nothing else. For years I had been mixing for the monitor, meaning I was altering the balance of my mix and tailoring the equalization and compression based on my knowledge of how the monitors I was working on would translate to other playback systems. In doing so I sometimes felt as though I was working against my own instinct. With the Questeds, I am able to respond instinctually, knowing that everything I do will translate. The speakers disappear entirely. I am able to dial in the full frequency spectrum effortlessly. The low end is tight and full, the midrange is superb, and the top end is accurate and not at all fatiguing. Above all, simply listening to music on the V3110 is an experience unlike any other.