Introducing the VQ3110

Designed to bring the critical performance of our flagship Q-Series monitors into the V-Series family.

The VQ3110 can be used as midfield monitors in large control rooms or as main monitors in smaller spaces. The VQ3110 can also be configured as part of an Atmos or immersive audio system.

The VQ3110 builds upon the foundations of our largest self-powered monitor; the V3110. Three years of development have given the VQ3110 an entirely new tweeter and custom 3” mid-range driver designed to partner to the performance of the custom 10” Lf driver. To deliver even more headroom to these critical components we uprated the power supply and output stage of the Class AB amplification section.

The VQ3110 utilises a hybrid amplifier configuration with Class D driving a massive 700w to the LF transducer and over 400w of class AB amplification to the mid and the high, ensuring absolute rock-solid performance and transparency.


Size: 380 x 600 x 360mm (w x h x d)

Weight: 41kg / 90.5lb

Driver: Low Frequency 1 x 250mm(10″)

Mid: 1 x 75mm (3”) soft dome

High Frequency: soft dome 1 x 28mm (1 1/8″)

Frequency Response: 34Hz – 20kHz ±2dB / 30Hz – 22kHz -6dB

Maximum SPL: 116.5dB continuous pink noise. Absolute peak 124dB music


Connector: XLR3 type-Female

Impedance: 10k Electronically balanced with RF filters

Wiring: Pin 1 ground, Pin 2 hot, Pin 3 cold

Sensitivity: Rear mounted 10 position rotary switch calibrated in 2dB steps

Minimum sensitivity +4dBu for 100dB SPL @ 1m

Maximum sensitivity -14dBu for 100dB SPL @ 1m


Subsonic: -3dB @ 14Hz, 24dB/oct

Crossover Points: 457Hz, 2.6kHz, 24dB/oct.

User LF EQ: 4 position rear mounted selector to select FLAT for normal use. -9dB and -3dB for cut below 100Hz, +1dB for lift above 80Hz.

User MF EQ 3 position rear mounted switch to select FLAT for normal use, CUT/LIFT +/-1dB for 457Hz to 2.6kHz.

User HF EQ 3 position rear mounted switch to select FLAT for normal use, CUT/LIFT +/-1dB for 2.6kHz to 20kHz.


LF output power: > 700W rms continuous (Note 1)

Mid Output: > 200W rms continuous (Note 1)

HF output power: > 200W rms continuous (Note 1)

THD: < 0.03% at levels up to 1dB below clip, 20Hz – 20kHz. typ 0.005% @ 20W rms 1kHz.

Hum + Noise > -100dB referred to clip

Note 1: The continuous rating is for a period not exceeding 5 minutes with unrestricted airflow (100mm clearance) around the amplifier rear panel and ambient temperatures is <30 o C


Power on: Front mounted LED (flashing blue) indicates power applied and warm-up cycle.

Optimum Performance: Front mounted LED lights constant blue.

Overload: Front mounted LED flashes red 1.5dB below signal clip.

Thermal Protection: Front mounted LED turns red, signal is muted and amplifier switches to standby mode during thermal protection cooling cycle. Normal operation resumes when amplifier temperature drops by 20 o C.


Voltage: Set by internal plugs: nominal 115V or 230V @ 50-60Hz AC.

230V setting: Min 160V (restricted output power): Max 263V

115V setting: Min 80V (restricted output power): Max 132V


Quiescent 72W, typical use 110W.

Note 0dBu = 775mV into open circuit.

This product is built to conform to the requirements for CE marking.